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Book One: The Children

Dmitry Rostoff's world has turned upside-down when he discovered that he became a father to a baby girl born in Moscow. He brings his illegitimate daughter to America, honoring her mother's last wish. A strained and complicated relationship between Dmitry and his mother, Elizabeth Rostoff, the Matriarch of the family jewelry empire, quickly deteriorates after he uncovers her attempt at sabotage. Dmitry's only salvation is his eleven-year-old son, Peter.
The conflict between the mother and son turns into an open war, with both children, and the woman Dmitry fell in love with, caught in the middle.



Book Two: The Parents

After five years, Dmitry Rostoff finally returns to San Francisco for his son's birthday, where he meets and gets to know his 6-year-old daughter. Dmitry falls in love with the tiny girl with the incredible talent for art and decides to remove her from the oppressive environment of his mother's mansion and raise her himself.  But his world falls apart again when Natasha, his official fiancé, suddenly disappears.

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Book Three: The Lovers

For eighteen years, Natasha hides from the Rostoff clan. After the death of Elizabeth, the matriarch of the Rostoff family, the old secret that torn this family apart years ago came back to hunt the third generation of Rostoffs. Kat & Peter must uncover the truth to bring their family together again.



Complete Trilogy

Time and death, secrets and lies, betrayals and truth…
Their love endured and survived it all- and triumphed, once & forever.

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