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Once & Forever

Rostoff Saga: Welcome

Once & Forever

Book One: The Children

— But one birth will spark a war and change the very world —

Dmitry Rostoff’s existence is turned upside-down by unexpected fatherhood. Fleeing Moscow, he brings his illegitimate daughter along with her Russian nanny, Natasha, to America, honoring her mother’s last wish, but upon arrival, the relationship between Dmitry and his own mother quickly deteriorates. As president of a world-famous jewelry empire, Elizabeth Rostoff’s power is only surpassed by her duplicity. When it’s discovered that she has sought to sabotage Dmitry, an open war can only ensure . . . and few will escape its impact.  

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Once & Forever

Book One: Two Parents

— Not every parent deserves the admiration of their offspring

After five years, Dmitry Rostoff returns to San Francisco with scattered thoughts and a heavy heart. There, at last, he meets the fateful daughter he’d abandoned. Despite everything, Dmitry falls in love, and it soon becomes clear that only one option exists: he’ll need to raise this girl himself, but saving her from Elizabeth’s reach may prove an impossible undertaking. Natasha, Dmitry’s fiancé goes missing . . . and further disaster awaits.

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Once & Forever

Book Three: The Lovers

— Time and death, betrayal and lies —

— Their love, to triumph, first must face a storm of wicked strength —

Even with its magnate replaced, the Rostoff clan wields great power, and no one is safe from their influence. Times have changed, but bygone secrets threaten to ruin the third generation of Rostoffs. Kat and Peter must find the truth to bring their family together again . . . but theirs is a perilous path, indeed, and no one can be trusted.

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Once & Forever

Rostoff Family Saga

Complete trilogy in one book

— The Epic Trilogy —

Once and Forever — Book I: The Children

Once and Forever — Book II: The Parents

Once and Forever — Book III: The Lovers 

Each book gets better and better. The plot is so interesting it is hard to put down. I hope for more from this author, as it was one of the most heartfelt books I have read in years.

Stella B.

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