Rhapsody In Dreams


Rhapsody in Dreams

He saved her life. She became his inspiration.

In 1992, Al Gabriel rescues a six-year-old girl amidst the chaos of Hurricane Andrew . . . doing so within a dream too real to be ignored. Eight years later, Al is a world-renowned pianist. His life has been busy, but there, at a concert, he sees a face he'd never forgotten. The girl he once pulled from the rubble is real.

Nearly a decade goes by before fate brings them together again[S1] . Kira Wagner is a gifted surgeon. Al is at the pinnacle of his musical career. Both are visited still by mystic dreams of one another.

While Al recalls only a child he'd rescued, Kira remembers much, much more: all of her previous lives. Throughout the centuries, she has met and fallen in love with the very same person—a man known now as Al Gabriel.

Kira is certain that this is the final meeting destiny has in store for them . . . but Al's love without remembrance may not be enough. Can Kira trust the man who doesn't fully believe her? Can destiny be altered? Can two souls be united, completing their centuries long journey at last?

Magical! Absolutely mesmerizing!


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