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Love wasn’t part of their agreement. Neither was being caught in a brutal web of lies...

International playboy and owner of a jewelry empire that spreads across three continents,
Dmitry Rostoff holds a memory close to this heart that not even his best friend Vlad
Albrecht knows. When Dmitry learns the Russian ballerina he had a passionate affair
with died in childbirth, bitterness and hate overrule all other emotions.
Taking the baby out of Russia is an impossible snarl of red tape, but Dmitry gets his way,
even if he leaves a trail of chaos in his wake.
Natasha Sokolova planned to turn over the baby to Dmitry then walk away. Instead, she
is on a plane to San Francisco with the baby and a cold, emotionless man who makes her
heart pound with scorching attraction.
The family matriarch and evil to her core Elizabeth Rostoff plots to gain control of the
baby, no matter what it costs or who it hurts, and will do anything to make that happen.
She blackmails Marie Dubois, the manager of their elite Paris store, to seduce Dmitry.
But Marie reneges on the deal when former Special Forces officer Vlad Albrecht storms
into her life.
Once in America, Natasha finds herself entangled in a sticky web of lies created by the
brutally calculating family matriarch. A web that forces Natasha to make a heartbreaking
deal with the devil to protect the children—and man—she’s come to love.
A vicious circle of malicious deceit and heinous acts weave these people into a web they
may never unravel.

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