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Before & After

UPON A TIME / Book One

Before & After

“Find the key. You know where it is…”

She found the key and opened the door to her destiny in another realm.

Nika is a professional ‘house whisperer,’ but the Coleman House has her heart from the very beginning.

Once she steps inside, she finds herself in another dimension.

And meets the man who stole her breath and her heart.

Torn between two worlds, Nika thought she could go back for a short visit.

But then she lost it all. Is it forever?

She found the door between times inside the Coleman House once.

Will she be able to do it again? But how?

The key was lost is another dimension in the 1900s.

Will she find the way back to the love of her life? Can she do it?

Packed with action and mysteries, this time travel love story will take you back to the dawn of the last century.

Hop in on this fantastic journey, and find out if love is truly timeless!